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The Complete Experience

The Complete Experience

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Begin the celebration with an intimate first look at the Common Rooms on May 3. Leave your mark in the Common Rooms by bringing some of your favourite house themed items to add to the atmosphere. Join us for a quiet evening of exclusive butter beer tasting, common room decorating, and friendly board games.

Take a trip to Diagon Alley on May 5. Make a wand, sip on some pumpkin juice and take in the atmosphere of the shops as families bring their young witches and wizards for a day at Diagon Alley. Finish the night with the most magical party ever experienced in the Common Rooms. 

Tickets include a bag full of galleons to be spent at various shops throughout the weekend. Muggle currency is required to purchase entry ticket, alcoholic beverages, and merchandise at Hogsmeade.

Only 5 tickets for each house!